Qonsult Social Media Marketing - Caleb Clark & Matthew Desantis

Qonsult is a creative marketing agency with a focus on performance driven content-marketing, photography, videography, social media management, advertising and digital strategy. With years of experience in, but not limited to, the automotive and real estate marketing industries, they have been acclaimed as the top marketing agency to look out for in the Pittsburgh and Texas locale and beyond. 

According to the United Nations, half the world’s population currently lives in urban areas, and by 2050, it’s estimated to be two-thirds. This growing urban population increasingly expects not only digital access to brands, but more and more intuitive and interactive integrations between the physical and the digital, and uses social media for everything from shopping to reading the news.

Given such a dynamic demographic, it’s no longer practical to think, design, or sell in the traditional silos.

A new type of consumer exists – the connected consumer. And to reach them, brands need to create a seamless and technically savvy experience across devices, as well as learn how to foster affinity and lasting relationships in an increasingly fragmented media ecosystem.

79% of consumers state that their relationships with brands are more personal than ever before, and 8 out of 10 Millennials want brands to entertain them by allowing them to co-create products, responding to their questions and comments via social networks, and providing online content like videos and games.

Consumers expect more than ever from brands and businesses – great content, ease of access, transparency in how they run their organizations and give back – but these higher expectations come with new and exciting opportunities for creativity and collaboration.

Brands that are willing to think boldly, put the connection first, and incorporate their messaging into the ideas and stories that matter to their audience, will be the ones who gain fans, boost sales, and secure market share.

This is where Qonsult comes in. We’ve been helping brands reach, engage, and retain the connected consumer for over 5 years. Whether it’s helping a large fleet software provider shake off its “Big Brother” image and reach more downstream markets, or guiding a popular CPG brand in navigating stormy political waters to emerge with greater branding and customer loyalty, we excel at applying our understanding of the connected consumer to solving brands and businesses most pressing challenges.

We always begin with research and strategy. That may mean interviews with internal and external stakeholders, or a deep dive into potential untapped markets. What follows is execution, with agility. With the help of cutting edge analytics and years of experience in interpreting relevant data, we continue to refine our game plan until our work and its results produce your ultimate happy place.

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