• Caleb Clark

Client Spotlight: Urban Capital Group

As a creative advertising agency, we have a lot of clients and goals that need completed on a daily basis. We run out of time everyday and there is always a new obstacle that we have to face. Because of this we have to stop and consider the reason we started everything in the first place - the clients. Without them we wouldn't exist, and nothing is better than giving them a pat on the back to show them how much we appreciate their business and the relationships we have grown together.

One of the companies we are working with currently is Urban Capital Group.

Urban Capital Group is the premier Residential Redevelopment company in Pittsburgh, PA. It all began with two close friends and real estate professionals, Aaron Archibald and Ryan Scialabba.

After having bought, renovated, and sold many properties separately, Aaron and Ryan came together to better achieve their shared vision– to revitalize the very neighborhoods they’ve been a part of all their lives. A big part of their mission involves helping Pittsburgh residents sell their homes quickly and affordably.

After meeting and working with Ryan and Aaron we really noticed the passion, effort, and time that they put into their work. Turning broke down victorian houses into luxury homes at an affordable price is hard to do and they make it look easy.

This post is our little way of of showing are appreciation these guys and how hard they work. We hope to help them grow to be one of the largest real estate companies in the US and help them reach their goal of hitting a seven figure a year business, buying, fixing, and selling single family homes. This is a goal that most real estate professionals say can't be done and I know Urban Capital Group will prove them wrong.

Check them out here: