• Caleb Clark

Video Is Now the Most Desirable Skill in Marketing

Video is the new blogging. That’s partially because, in many cases, video produces the best results among today’s multitude of content format options.

Case in point: A recent survey Animoto found that 77 percent of professional marketers and small and medium business (SMB) owners that have used video marketing say it has had a direct impact on their business.

Plus, 60 percent of marketers and 55 percent of SMB owners are using video to stay relevant and believe it has become a “must-have” for marketers.

So, it’s no surprise that 42 percent of marketers and 32 percent of SMB owners listed “video marketing” as the skill they wished they or their teams were more adept at.

Video Marketing Is the Most Sought-After Skill

Video marketing is the top choice for marketers (among all content options), and second only to social media marketing among SMB owners.

The Pressure to Create Video Is On

23 percent of marketers and 30 percent of SMB owners feel “behind” or “way behind” their competition in terms of their video marketing strategy. Yet, in a world where one in four customers lose interest in companies that don’t use video, and nine out of 10 customers watch at least one online video per week (likely many more than that), now is not the time to shy away from video creation and promotion. It’s the time to embrace it.

Here are three ways that anyone (yes, including you or someone your team!) can quickly get started with video marketing using content you likely already have.

1. Teaser Videos

In the past, companies would create videos to wax poetic on a difficult topic, explain in-depth how to use their products, or make a statement about the industry today.In present times, shorter videos, especially if they’re for some sort of marketing purpose, perform much better.

Use the ADD-like quality of most customers to your advantage. Create a quick 30- or 60-second teaser video to promote your bigger pieces of content such as webinars, live events, ebooks, or even blog posts. You can use the short format to pull out the very best pieces of information or data to encourage people to sign up and join you.

2. Editorial-Style Videos

I think a lot of people are intimidated by creating video because they think it has to be a certain way every time. They think they have to be a talking head, or they have to have a drone that flies over some magical city, capturing stunning footage that evokes a sense of wonder.Not true.You can make a video out of anything, including a combination of text and graphics.

Videos are a great supplement to the other forms of content you’re already creating, so don’t overlook their power just because you have a certain idea of what videos should look like. Let your creativity shine

3. People Videos

These are the most fun, in my opinion, and really let people peel back the curtain (or the computer screen, as it were) and get a glimpse into your personality.

The other great thing about these types of videos is that people don’t expect the same quality when you’re going behind the scenes. You can pull out your iPhone, attach it to a tripod, and follow your factory worker around, or interview your CEO as she walks to lunch. The on-the-fly nature of these videos is what makes them exciting and captures audience attention.

Business owners and marketers are saying that video skills are the most important thing to add to their team, but they still feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be that way. Stop fretting, and start creating!

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