• Caleb Clark

Why Influencer Marketing is the Next Big Thing [Infographic]

In an overly competitive digital space, brands are now looking to newer options to reach their target audience, and while social media marketing and ad placements are still sought by brands worldwide, the scenario is fast changing.

Given the rise in ad blocker usage, and lower trust in brand messaging, influencer marketing has emerged as new, key option to maximize reach and build authenticity. In essence, influencer marketing is planning your marketing strategy around key individuals who influence your potential buyers. From food bloggers to gadget experts to stock analysts, individuals with a broad, niche follower base have become an extremely valuable asset for brands.

The below infographic from dci provides an overview of a range of interesting facts about the unprecedented growth of influencer marketing as a sales and marketing tool among corporates globally.

Check out the full graphic below for more insights.

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