How much does it cost to do marketing with Qonsult?

Notice the “with”—we don’t do marketing for you, we do it with you. We professionally consult you and that’s our namesake.


We know that you are the expert on your business, and our job is to bring expert marketing to help you reach your goals. We don’t want to do what you can do for yourself, so we work collaboratively in all of our projects. How the work is shared is unique to each relationship, ranging from just your involvement in setting goals and reviewing outcomes, all the way to joining in the social networking and writing.

Now, down to costs. You’ve got options with us. You’d expect to pay more if you need more of our team’s effort, but we always want you to know what you’re getting. (Unlike the drive-thru where you never know exactly what is getting “supersized”).

Getting Started

We always start with story + strategy to ensure that your marketing is focused on your goals. Marketing without strategy is like archery without targets—every shot is a miss. And you’re just wasting arrows and everyone’s time. And your strategy can’t be generic, because your organization, your community and your goals are unique. To make your organization stand out, your brand story is built out as the centerpiee of how customers connect.

We dig deep into what your business needs by working with you on:

  • Your Brand Story

  • Customer Value Journey

  • Goals Benchmarking and Analysis

  • Personas

  • Competitive Web and Social Analysis

  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy

  • Content Strategy

Strategy with STORY will range from $400 to $6,000, and may be included in inbound services.

Warning: You may be surprised how powerful your brand story becomes as a result.

The Marketing Co-op for Local Organizations

If your customers are local or regional, then we have specialized services to support your growth because search engine optimization (SEO) has unique requirements for local organizations.

The Marketing Co-op brings the same powerful strategy and technology to local businesses that are used by national chains and franchises, at a fraction of the cost. This is a good fit for schools, preschools and local businesses that have one location.

Cost is between $399 to $1010 per month.

Regional and National Inbound

For regional companies or those with a national or international footprint, Comprehensive Inbound Services will support and document your growth. These comprehensive services include custom content, automation, lead scoring, customer relationship management and often integrate paid digital ads and video.

Inbound services that are fully staffed range from $2,900 to $10,000 per month.


Web Design

Story Collaborative builds highly effective websites that integrate a marketing strategy and marketing automation. Built with your target audience in focus and mobile ready, we will build a website that can grow with you on the WordPress platform. Search engine optimization (SEO), and user experience strategies (UX) are baked into our approach.

We use state of the art high-security hosting with daily backups to keep you online 24/7. The functionality that you need is built into a site that uniquely expresses your brand and may include custom photography and video.

We train your staff to make updates and add content as needed

Websites with Qonsult cost between $1,999 and $20,000 with payments spread over time.


Specialized Services

Specialized services and projects may be included with Inbound Services or be provided as a project.


Google Pay Per Click

Paid ads on Google can extend your marketing where your SEO has yet to reach and also deliver ads to specific locations and even specific companies and industries. We set up and manage these ads while overcoming “ad fatigue” and retargeting for effectiveness.

List Engagement and Account Based Marketing

For companies with large member lists, or account based sales lists, we will work to revitalize the engagement you are getting with members or prospective accounts.

Social Video

We create video that will boost advertising and connect with customers on Facebook with a life-like, 3D and branded feel.

Service Line and Multi-Location Launch 

We’re experienced in extending businesses and services into new communities in a variety of industries.

Costs for these services vary.

So, how can we work with you?

Let us know what you'd like to discuss and we'll schedule at time to explore how we can "market "with you."

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